Extreme, Underground & Cult Film Festival

S U B M I S S I O N - F O R M

Feature Films submitted will be viewed by the selection panel, and if chosen will be screened at the X FEST Film Festival, and where deemed fit, awarded Official Selection status.
Short Film entries will be compiled into a feature length collection.

Closing date for entries will be 1 May 2017.
There is no entry fee.
A late entry administrative charge will be levied for entries post-marked after this date.
For extension requests, e-mail

Please copy and paste the text below, fill in the relevant areas and e-mail it to us. Also include a print version with your package.
In the case of multiple entries – please complete a separate form for each submission (it can be sent in one package).

Submission Formats:

DVD-PAL viewing copies (x2)*
Plus 1 data disc containing:
- SD or HD QuickTime file (25fps)* or
- SD or HD Windows AVI (25fps)*

If your film's spoken language is not English, English subtitles must be hardcoded/burned into the film and not supplied as a separate track or file.

* NTSC and other frame rates are also accepted, but your film will be converted to be played at PAL 25fps. To avoid unwanted quality loss, please submit your film at PAL 25fps.

Short film running time should not exceed 30 mins. (Please contact us if it exceeds)

Note: In addition to e-mailing submission info, please print the completed form and include it with your two DVD copies of the film to the following address:

Flamedrop Productions
c/o Paul Blom
P.O. Box 27566
Rhine Road,
Cape Town,

Do not attach a monetary value for the contents.
Please mark package: "For cultural purposes only, no commercial value"
(any value may result in customs charges which will not be paid and thus not collected)

Receipt of submission will be notified via e-mail. Entrants will also be notified in the event of a feature/short being accepted for inclusion in the X FEST program.


Title of Film:

Date of Production:


Running Time:

Colour / Black and White (delete as appropriate)

Music Video
Other (please specify briefly)

Is this the director's first film?

Is it a student film?

Name of film school?

How was this film funded?

Synopsis (50-100 words):

Any info or interesting details about the production you'd like to share:

Production's shooting format (ie. digital video, HD, Super-8, 35mm film…):

Director / Film- / Video makers' contact details
(Please attach filmography/biography if applicable)

Production Company:
Producer's name:

Film Details
Director of Photography:
Special FX:
Main Cast:

Filmmaker biography:

Names of festivals where the film has already been screened (if any), plus any awards it has won:

Entry Fee: none

Please include press shots (& captions) where possible (or e-mail hi-res shots to Any additional promotional materials like posters or lobby cards are also welcome.

Conditions Of Submission
There are no restrictions for the production's country of origin.
Flamedrop Productions / Shadow Realm inc., and the X Fest cannot guarantee that the short- or feature films submitted will be selected and screened in public, as the festival selection members / committee will be the final arbiters.
Permission must be granted from the relevant rights holders (where applicable) of any copyrighted material used in your production (eg. music, film, video, news, audio, clips from other sources etc.), and the organizers of the X Fest cannot be held liable for the unlawful use of such material in submitted works.
DVD copies supplied to the X Fest is non-returnable, and we request 2 copies in the event of either physical damage (in transit via the mail system etc.), or any other technical problems (of a digital nature like corrupted disc data etc.).
Some of the information on this form may be used in various Flamedrop Productions / Shadow Realm inc. / X Fest online and print publications. If you do not want any information you have included in this form made publicly available, please notify accordingly.

I have read and understood these conditions and with this form grant Flamedrop Productions / Shadow Realm inc. / The X Fest the rights to publicly exhibit my submitted film/video production.

Signature (for printed copy):
Date of submission:

For any queries, contact us now :

Stay tuned for more details!

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